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I am a calm, life-loving, never lose my temper and I was brought up to respect men in every aspect. Habite à New CityRockland CountyNew-York Recherche un homme: Amour, Amitié, Autre raison I am optimistic, romantic and very adventurous, am a woman who loves the simple things in life, no matter how big or small they maybe, I value Humanitarian works and charity.

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I'm not a woman of unlimited worldly means, but I am true to the core These are three qualities that have plagued me all my life. I do not know why and how it happened, but all my conscious life I am alone.

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I don't have reliable man's shoulder on which I can rely on. It's hard to go through life always alone.

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So I want to create s I love to laugh and enjoy life. I enjoy a great conversation.

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  • Celui morceau place de belles rencontres sérieuses et de trouver la personne avec regarde dans la même direction.
  • I understand this truth like no one else because I teach people to see happiness all around them and to experience it every day.
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  • Он мчался над пустыней на небольшой высоте, проносясь над дюнами, подобными замерзшим волнам.

If you can't stimulate a good one conversation with me, then where can we go from there??. Looking for a partner with mutual interest.

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Be yourself!. I respect realness.

Initialement, cette rencontre devait se jouer dans des villes américaines avec des auteurs francophones des États-Unis et un public de lecteurs.

I'm rencontre francophone new york from eas I like to visit good, noisy companies. I have a special love for karaoke.

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I am a very kind person and will always come to the rescue, both to people and to animals, I have an endless amount of energy and I do not know how to sit still. I work as a hairdress I am ready for a serious relationship and I really look forward to starting that with the right person.

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I am an honest, loyal, passionate, generous, giving, affectionate, supportive, sensitive, and a good listener I am a one-man-woman and believe in one marriage for whole life. In my opinion, marriage is built on the basement of respect, trust and attention to each other. That man and woman equal in relation