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    Comment dire "rencontre humaine" en anglais, la traduction "rencontre humaine" en anglais : Rencontre humaine Human encounter Sur cette page, vous trouverez de nombreux exemples de phrases traduites contenant "rencontre humaine" de français à Anglais Moteur de recherche de traductions. Des exemples sont entrés par les utilisateurs et ont également recueilli des sites Web externes.

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    And certainly the goal is we can start to learn from every encounter and actually move forward, instead of just having encounter and encounter, without fundamental learning. Because what we encounter at the European level, this political powerlessness which is organised in the European institutions.

    Grasse panse, maigre cervelle. A friend in need is a friend indeed C'est dans le besoin qu'on reconnaît ses vrais amis A friend is not so soon gotten as lost. Un ami se perd plus aisément qu'il ne s'acquiert. A good bargain is a pick-purse. Le bon marché détrousse le passant.

    We already encounter it at a national level. The show follows a number of characters, both staff and patients, as they encounter bizarre phenomena, both human and supernatural.

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    Tom didn't expect to encounter a human being in a place where a squirrel would have thought twice about entering. In addition, IDF soldiers are portrayed as normative people who might enjoy a human encounter with the enemy.

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    All human tragicomedy may be seen, occasionally, in this encounter, in the history of Circus as History.